From stamps and cards to lettering and stationery...... - Paper & Gifts By Adele

From stamps and cards to lettering and stationery......

I don't think it is the typical hobby for young girl, but I had a stamp collection growing up.  Was that the beginning of my obsession with paper?  Maybe! I loved greeting cards growing up, especially funny ones.  I still love greeting cards.  I'm one of those people who buy two - one to give away and one to keep.  

I ended up majoring in Finance and becoming a bank examiner, but I eventually found my way back to creating......through vinyl monograms from my Cricut, brush lettering, selling stationery, and even teaching preschool art.    

I sold stationery under the business name Paper JAM several years ago and had big binders with stationery samples that customers would come to my house to view and order from.  I went to craft shows and pop-ups (although we didn't call it that back then) to sell notepads, baby announcements, invitations, and more.   A lot has changed since then, but my love for paper is the same.  Maybe it's from growing up in the South during the 80's, but preppy colors for paper is a favorite of mine. 'Who says you can't monogram everything?' is my motto, so monograms are definitely a part of the collection of paper sold here.  

I love a good pen and finding brush lettering and calligraphy a few years ago provided another creative outlet and opened up a whole new world of lettering for me.  Creative lettering ideas, personalized stationery, and handwriting are all interests of mine. 

I obviously enjoy the collide between art and paper, so I started another shop with all my interests......paint, paper & pens.  Hoping you find some ways to ‘make today brighter’ and discover your creative side while you are here!


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Love this! From a fellow paper enthusiast :) Your designs are beautiful.

Julie I Wittich

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