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Different types of paper for Stationery - What's the Difference?

A lot of stationery on my website offers a choice of paper.  Smooth, Linen and Felt are options for several items.  Eggshell paper finish and Cotton papers are offered on a select few stationery pieces.  

Smoothness is determined by how much the paper is pressed between rollers on the paper machine when it's made.  Smooth paper has clean, crisp feel and has no texture.  Graphics print well on smooth paper and lets the print be the star of the stationery. It's popular for digital printers and on a lot of products I offer.  

Linen paper is produced by embossing paper with a patterned roll, giving it that 'linen' texture.  It has a raised cross hatch pattern and is frequently used for an elegant look.  

Linen texture of paper



Felt finishes are applied to paper by means of marking felt on the paper machine.  It has a distinctive texture.  It has a slightly bumpy texture of watercolor paper.  I like felt paper for gift tags, but not so much for notecards.  That could be personal preference though.  

Felt texture of paper


Eggshell paper is thick and luxurious.  At 120lb. paper, it has a texture that is in between felt and smooth.  I love it for notecards that you are giving as a gift.  

If you see text weight paper noted on notepad descriptions, it is a lighter weight paper than the cover stock used elsewhere in designs here.  For reference, copy paper is 20lb. paper.  The notepad paper is either 70lb. or 80lb. text paper.  The 80lb. text weight paper for notepads is much thicker than the 70lb.  You could use it for stationery if the notepad is 5.5 x 8.5 inches.  (Fold this size paper in half and it fits into an A2 envelope). 

The weight of paper used in most stationery I sell is 110lb. or 120lb. paper.  

If you have any questions regarding paper types, please contact me at info@paintpaperandpens.com or DM me on Instagram.  I'm happy to help!  


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